What on Earth is the Polar Vortex ?

polar vortex cold weather

If you live in the Western US or in the UK you saw some freak weather recently. The Polar Vortex is freezing air coming from the North Pole plummeting the temperatures to extreme levels and making people feel like they are in the deep freeze. According to Wikipedia the polar vortex is also know as the Arctic Cyclone and is a large scale cyclone found normally in the poles. You can check out the polar vortex details here . polar vortex cold weather

It reminds me of the blockbuster movie The Day After Tomorrow with Jake Gyllenahaal.

What on Earth is it then? 

It is a polar cyclone normally spinning counterclockwise high in the atmosphere above the poles which has now descended lower and is affecting nearly 150 million people in America and in the north of England, Scotland and Ireland.    funny images of the polar vortex

Is it here to stay for long? 

The Polar Vortex lasts longer than a usual storm and it can bring seriously low temperatures. The UK was affected by a Polar Vortex in March 2013 bringing the lowest temperatures of the last half century. Global warming is linked directly because the arctic ice melts away which affects the jet stream high in the atmosphere which in turn causes freaky weather to become more frequent. funny images of the polar vortex

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